Do you have a MOOC companion?

Do you have a MOOC companion, someone who works alongside you and ensures you stop for a break, you drink enough water, and all that other boring stuff that’s so important? I do. If you have one too, I’d love to hear about them. 

BTW – my companion’s name is Faith and she’s a Papillon / Brussels Griffon cross.

faith in sun on chair


27 thoughts on “Do you have a MOOC companion?

  1. Avatar of Jonine BergenJonine Bergen

    I have a white fluffy cat that takes offense when I spend too much time on the computer. I also have a sheltie who just flops on the ground besides me.
    I don’t have pictures on my computer – yikes! I’ll have to get some.

  2. Avatar of Andrea MullarkeyAndrea Mullarkey

    We have two dogs, but only one of them is diligent about making sure I’m not spending too much time away from her. Her special talent is ensuring I get outside and moving around. Meet Rhonda Jones:

    Her sister is pretty happy to have couch time while I study. She’s called Pumpernickel:

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  4. Avatar of Anna PibulsilpAnna Pibulsilp

    What a lively post you have here Cath. My in-law has a Brussel Griffon the same colour as Faith but not as sweet as her; he’s very naughty. My own MOOC companion is Fritz, a standard Schnauzer. He’s my furbaby and the boss of the house. He’s used to be an escape artist and did just that in the February earthquake. Here’s his photo from the Quake Dogs book

    1. Avatar of Cath SheardCath Sheard Post author

      Anna I can honestly say Faith is the best behaved dog I have ever owned. She sometimes descends into excited small dog yapping, but not often – other than that she really is awesome. We lived with my Mum for 14 years as her caregivers so from puppyhood Faith had to ‘be careful’ and ‘watch for Grandma’ and so on. She was Mum’s constant companion, and eyes and ears.
      My best friend has a Mini Schnauzer, Zak – they’re such intelligent and personable dogs.
      And as for a lively thread – none of us can help but talk about our pets!


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